About the test

We all may have good business ideas. Today become a enterpreneur because simply we think we have a good idea may sounds good.

The reality is that market often is much tuff than we thought when we started our enterpreneurship journey.

This tool is intented to help you score your ideas. Just score it to find out if really your idea is a BIG BUSINESS IDEA.

We mean by BIG BUSINESS IDEA those ideas scoring above 80%.

If your idea score is below that 80% it doesn’t mean your idea is bad, or is not a business idea. The scoring just tell us if your idea has the ingredients to become a BIG BUSINESS.

Many ideas can be good business, but may be simply do not have all the ingredients to become a unicorn or BIG BUSINESS. This tool also may help you in re-thinking about some parameters of your original idea.

It is intended to be helpful before you start an enterpreneurship hard journey!

Finally, congratulations simply because you are here. This probably is the first step to a succesful business journey.

Make your dreams come true!

Oriol Gifra